When the Snow Falls

Meqó:s, around December, means fallen snow season; ma:qa is fallen snow and es means a periodic cycle of time.  The Sto:lo are trapping animals such as lynx, beaver, and mink for the Winter.  Snow begins to fall, signaling that Winter is here. 

Here you will find lesson plans and resources related to this month.

 1. Three Sisters Soup Lesson Plan_0.pdf

 2. Excerpts from Animal Vegetable Miracle_0.pdf

 3. The Gift of Strawberries Excerpt_0.pdf

 4. Dream Catchers_0.pdf

 5. Aboriginal Short Story Unit.pdf

 6. Little Bear Lesson Plan.pdf

 7. Acorn Bannock Indigenous Foods_1.pdf

 8. Food Insecurity in the North_0.pdf

 9. Food Traditions and Security_0.pdf

 10. Oral Storytelling.pdf