This Halq'eméylem word means “to help each other”. Click here to hear how it is pronounced.
We have 3 ways our department can help support our teachers and Indigenous Support Workers to offer cultural presentations in the classroom.

*As we reconstruct our website and presentation offerings, additional information will be updated.

Curriculum Kits:

These type of kits are available through our library.
There are a variety of kits available for anyone to check out. These kits are a planned sequence of instruction which includes a lesson plan, supplies (when required) and info booklet.

Cultural Exhibits:

Cultural Exhibits were created with the purpose to integrate these cultural presentations into the classrooms by your schools Indigenous Support Worker.
Please connect with the Indigenous Support Worker at your school. Let them know which Cultural Exhibit you are interested in booking.
Some of these Cultural Exhibits can be completed by the ISW and for the ones they cannot, a virtual presentation on Microsoft Teams can be requested.

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 If you have questions, please email indigenous@abbyschools.ca