Students watch as teacher demonstrates a chemistry lab Summer School 2023 - Chemistry 11

Summer School: Adventures in Learning

July 31, 2023

While school is out for many students across the school district, hundreds of others participated in the recently concluded Summer Explorers and Secondary Summer School programs, which offered a wide range of engaging activities for students from kindergarten to Grade 12. 

The Summer Explorers program, which ran from July 4 to 21, allows students to participate in captivating educational experiences, focusing on student well-being and skill-building. The three-week inquiry-based exploration program gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a literacy, numeracy or instruction stream. Adventures in their learning included: 

  • Solar Oven Project: Kindergarten early literacy students took on a fun and innovative project, constructing solar ovens to create delicious s'mores. This hands-on activity sparked their interest in science and sustainability and taught them about the power of renewable energy. 

  • BC Painted Turtle Exploration: Early Literacy Kindergarten students and Literacy Grade 2 students embarked on an exciting adventure to Mill Lake, searching for the elusive BC Painted Turtle. This place-based education initiative complemented their animal life cycles literacy inquiry, providing valuable insights into the local ecosystem. 

  • Camping Adventure: Grade 1 Literacy Explorer students embraced an integrated learning approach, where they built tents based on individually constructed plans. This camping-themed unit allowed them to connect word work, phonics, and STEM concepts, igniting their imaginations and enhancing their literacy skills. 

  • "The Gruffalo" Story Retelling: Kindergarten Early Literacy students were immersed in the world of storytelling. After creating story bags complete with characters and setting elements, they delighted in retelling the classic tale of "The Gruffalo," nurturing their language and communication skills. 

The Secondary Summer School, which concluded on July 28, provides a comprehensive program offering full-credit courses to students seeking academic support or advancing their studies. This summer program empowers learners with the opportunity to enhance their educational journey and excel in their academic pursuits. With a diverse range of subjects and a supportive learning environment, Secondary Summer School paves the way for students' growth and success. Adventures in their learning included: 

  • Cultural Heritage Exploration: Indigenous Cohort students embraced their cultural heritage through two unique activities. The Summer Tea Medicine and Semá:th X̱ó:tsa Hike allowed them to deepen their understanding of traditional practices and the significance of the land they inhabit. 

  • Celebration of Learning: Science 10 students delved deep into the fascinating realms of physics, chemistry, biology, and earth sciences. The celebration of learning showcased the students' achievements, displaying their innovative projects and research findings. 

  • Titration Lab: Chemistry 11 class embarked on an engaging titration lab where students explored the fundamental principles of chemical reactions and stoichiometry. The class demonstrated exemplary teamwork, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills. 

The Abbotsford School District is proud to offer a wide range of exceptional educational opportunities for all students, including opportunities that go beyond the standard school year. Summer School programming continues to inspire a love for learning, foster curiosity and promotes a sense of community among students. Registration for Summer School opens every April, with programming taking place every July.