Elder and student selfie Chris Kelly, Mentor

Good Heart, Good Mind, Good Food

December 19, 2023

Serenna Scarpino recently worked at Mámele’awt Indigenous Education Centre to complete Foods 12. She has been mentored by Chris Kelly, Elder and long-time employee of Abbotsford School District. In this course students learn about the connection to the land, gathering and community. Cooking and food, and the act of cooking with a good heart and a good mind and feeding the people are especially important components of community life. Having happiness in your heart and mind when cooking is passed along into the food and nourishes those who eat it.  Chris Kelly grew up with her mother and grandmother cooking for members of the community and this led to her interest to carry on this tradition. Her favourite dish to cook is open-fired  fileted salmon. Chris says cooking makes her feel connected to her community and her culture. She loves the act of reciprocity to give back to others.

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