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Knowledge Keepers

Knowledge Keepers are highly respected Indigenous Elders, teachers, and leaders who have been entrusted with preserving and sharing the wisdom, knowledge, and traditions of their people. They are important resources for learning about Indigenous cultures, histories, and worldviews and can help bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. In order to facilitate greater understanding and reconciliation, The Abbotsford School District Indigenous Education Department is now offering opportunities for students and educators to connect with Knowledge Keepers through workshops, presentations, and other learning experiences. By booking a Knowledge Keeper, schools can provide their students with a unique and valuable educational opportunity that can enrich their understanding of Indigenous perspectives and ways of life.

Here are the current Knowledge Keepers available for booking:

Karen Blain - Knowledge Keeper

Nation: First Nations 
Knowledge Certified: Beading, Moccasins, Sweat Lodge
Grade Level: Elementary, Middle, Secondary
Availability: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
Transportation: Yes

Danielle Daigneault Webber- Knowledge Keeper

Nation: Métis
Knowledge Certified: Beading, Painting, Art, Drum Making, Spoon playing
Grade Level: Middle, Secondary
Availability: Monday - Friday
Transportation: Yes

Metis woman stands in front of white brick wall. She wears a red long sleeve and metis sashes. Sara Laslo - Knowledge Keeper

Sara Laslo - Knowledge Keeper

Nation: Métis​
Knowledge Certified: Beading, Finger Weaving, Plants
Grade Level: Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and Adults​
Availability: Monday, Wednesday – Friday​
Transportation: No

Woman with brown hair wearing a hat and Metis sash, stands in front of wall. Knowledge Keeper - Kelly Penner

Kelly Penner - Knowledge Keeper

Nation: Métis​
Knowledge Certified: Musical Spoons, Music Shakers, Bugs with dissection microscope​
Grade Level: Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and Adults​
Availability: Monday – Friday​
Transportation: Yes​
Notes: Can lead plant walks or spoons events​

Métis Knowledge Keeper standing in front of brown wall Pixie Wells - Knowledge Keeper

Pixie Wells - Knowledge Keeper

Nation: Métis​
Knowledge Certified: 2SLGBTQQIA+, Métis Nation
Grade Level: Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and Adults​
Availability: Monday – Friday​
Transportation: Ask if needed

Female First Nations Elder wearing white button down shirt and blue jeans poses for photo Bernice Graham - Elder

Bernice Graham - Elder

Nation: First Nations – Stó:lō
Knowledge Certified: Beading & Cooking
Grade Level: Elementary
Availability: Monday – Thursday
Transportation: Yes​
Notes: Has worked in elementary for years

Woman Elder stands in front of green chalkboard wearing red long sleeve and Metis sash Rene Inkster - Elder

Rene Inkster - Elder

Nation: Northern Cree Métis​
Knowledge Certified: History, art, mits, weaving, games, voyaguers, jigging, sashing ceremonies
Grade Level: Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and Adults​
Availability: Monday – Thursday
Transportation: Yes​, during daylight only
Notes: Please use Rene not Ms.Inkster​