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Salish Weaving

The presenter will warp a small loom for each student (maximum 17 looms = 34 students) to produce their own weaving.
The presentation will begin with an explanation on the importance of Salish weaving to the Stó:lō people and explain the traditional weaving process from gathering the fleece to wearing the blankets. Examples of weaving patterns will be available for students to examine.
Elementary students will complete a small weaving that could be used as a personal wall hanging or as a gift. Middle School Students will complete a personal woven bracelet/cuff.

Classroom Preparation:

  • Desks cleared of all materials.
  • Teacher may consider inviting one or two parents to assist students with their weaving.
  • Large cleaned off table for presenter’s supplies.
  • Document camera if available
  • Students prearranged into pairs

Time Frame:

Elementary Schools: one full day
Middle Schools: 3 scheduled block times are needed