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Inuit Sculptures

The presenter will introduce Inuit sculptures to the class through the use of Inuit stories.
Photos of Inuit sculptures will be shown and students will be asked to imagine the story that inspired the carving. The presenter will then lead the students through a variety of sculpting steps to create their own version of an Inuit sculpture. Once the sculptures have been created they need to bake for 20 minutes. During baking, the presenter will not be in the classroom. Time permitting; students may have time to write and share stories that they have created.

Classroom Preparation:

  • Students have cleared desks
  • Document camera may be used if available
  • One or two ovens available for baking the sculptures for last 30 minutes of the time request.

Time Frame:

Elementary Schools: 3 hours
Middle Schools: Please request specific class days and class block times (3 blocks are needed)