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News: Tuesday, November 20th, 2018

Yale Student Attends Kids For A Cure

Sophia Orth is an exceptional student from Yale Secondary and she recently attended  Kids for a Cure in Ottawa as a delegate for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Sophia was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 13 years ago.  This type of diabetes has nothing to do with lifestyle or diet, it simply means her pancreas quit working. Sophia has been very active in finding a cure and regularly participates in the Walk for a Cure that takes place annually.

There were 28 youth delegates in total from across Canada.  Oct 28-30, Sophia was partnered up with another delegate and visited several MP’s stating the JDRF cause and what they were lobbying for. Sophia met with Ed Fast of Abbotsford, Mark Strahl of Chilliwack, Jati Sidhu of Mission, Pam Goldsmith-Jones of West Vancouver, Rachel Blaney of North Island, David Yurdiga of Fort McMurray, Brad Trost of Saskatoon and the Honorable Ginette Petitpas-Taylor Minister of Health.  The delegates shared their stories, hardships, and struggles living 24/7 with Type 1.  There were many tears shed with the lack of understanding.

Sophia learned how all the delegates treat their diabetes, their emotional ups and downs and realized on her journey that she is not alone.  They all face the same battles.  She discovered how every province treats patients and their medical expenses so different – one province will cover all expenses where another one will not cover anything.  She wants to continue to bring awareness and understanding of those living with the disease, let others know the importance of working towards finding a cure and how we must keep improving new technology of devices and accessibility to diabetes drugs.