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News: Friday, October 19th, 2018

Music videos give indigenous Abbotsford students a voice

Two music videos featuring 21 diverse indigenous Abbotsford students from 6 Abbotsford schools have been released, with student-written lyrics and compelling visuals that shed light on some of the challenges facing indigenous youth today.

The videos - "A Warrior’s Dream" and "Strong & Brave" - were created in partnership with the Abbotsford School District's Mamele’awt Aboriginal Department and N'we Jinan, a non-profit production company that seeks to capture the voices of indigenous youth, empowering them to share what they feel is an important message. N'we Jinan brings a mobile recording studio and professional music producer into schools across North America to provide students a creative outlet to express themselves and offer students the opportunity to learn about sound recording, music production, songwriting, voice and performance.

The songs were developed from student’s experiences with and the profound influence of Sumas Elder, the late, Dr. Ray Silver, Xéy’teleq. Dr. Ray Silver, whose name means “warrior”, challenged his people to work hard, seek education and celebrate their ancestry. The videos and lyrics outline the struggles, dreams, resiliency and hopes of a new generation while also focusing on young indigenous people embracing and acknowledging their heritage.

 “Students challenged themselves to share from the heart, to work together and create a message of truth and hope. These programs give students a voice and help them see they can make a difference in their communities and have an influence on their future,” noted Darlene MacDonald, District Principal of Aboriginal Education for the Abbotsford School District. “It is important to note the team of support behind these students. The families, the teachers and Cultural Support Workers and administrators that work hard each day to provide opportunity and space for Aboriginal youth to meet their full potential, with support, caring and a quest to hear the truth. I’m excited to see what is next for these talented young people.”

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