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GRIP presents "Keeping our Children Safe from Gangs"

Hosted in partnership with Safer Schools Together, BC Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit and the Ministry of Education

For Parents of School-Aged Children. British Columbia’s gang landscape is vastly different from other jurisdictions, this is why this presentation is so important. Children from all backgrounds can be vulnerable to gang recruitment and involvement. You will leave this presentation with a greater understanding of what you can do to prevent your child from getting
involved in gang activity.

Please join us for this FREE informative presentation which will cover the following topics and more!

  • What is a youth gang?
  • Understanding why youth are attracted to the gang lifestyle
  • What does gang membership entail?
  • Warning signs to look for
  • What to do if you think your child is involved in gang related activity
  • How to keep your children safe from youth gang involvement

Event Details

  • Date: May 30th , 2019
  • Time: Doors open at 6:00pm. Session from 6:30pm – 8:00pm (Child-minding provided)
  • Location: Abbotsford Senior Secondary School

Location: Abbotsford Senior Secondary